The Book Series Alternate Take

Time Travel is open to the public. The Alternate Take Series follows siblings Mia and Derek Hayes’ journey through time and space. Mia, a young, optimistic musician, learns firsthand that the fabled glory days of years past hold a plethora of compromised morals. After falling for the lead vocalist in her band and getting to know a nomadic time traveler, Mia moves beyond her disappointment in past eras and dedicates herself to changing the world’s future.
Meanwhile, Mia’s brother, Derek, jumps both feet first into the world of swinging sixties London. He meets Renee Blum, owner of the mod boutique, ‘En Blum.’ Renee serves as Derek’s ticket into a circle of legends. Derek begins to lose Renee to the spotlight as Renee becomes an it-girl of the sixties; a role she was meant to live, but not without her vices.
The paths of Mia and Derek weave together at points when unexpected events send them back to their Original Time, or ‘OT.’ The Hayes also discover that the Time Regulatory Network, or ‘TRN,’ has questionable intentions behind their drive to push Time Travel forward. TRN develops into a great and ominous power; however, the organization is not met without resistance from those who still possess hope that humanity is not destined to perpetuate the same cycles for all of time.

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