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As a peer-reviewed better-business-accredited publishing house—founded in Ames, Iowa, in 2005—we serve creative writers and their readers with superbly designed books in all available formats (ebook, paperback, hardcover, casewrap, and audio). Our books are available locally, worldwide online, and in brick-and-mortar stores as well as directly through us.

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Readers' Favorites

Liikkanen - Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design, US$39.95
Careri - Walkscapes, US$21.95
Andrews - Architectural Speculation, US$205.95
Clark - These Doors, US$16.95

Recently Published (or Forthcoming)


Book cover for Traveling Light
Hamilton-Gottlieb - Traveling Light, US$17.95
book cover showing map of south america, a photo of alexis, and the book title and author name
Barclay - The Missionary's Wife, US $17.95
Baur - Alternate Take, US$17.95
book cover
Suhr - Learning About Love, US$16.95
Remastered cover
Baur - Remastered, US$16.95
book cover
Tavallaei - Poems as Short as Life, US$15.95
book cover
Osterberg - Dream House on the prairie, US$16.95
Suhr - The German Exchange Student, US$16.95
Brantley - Sum of Tiny Spaces, US$11.95
Larche - Angels in the Snow: The Musical, US$16.95
osterberg cover
Osterberg - We All Fall Down, US$21.95
Merritt-Gordon, Tell Them What You Want, US$16.95
Naegele - Guide to The Only Good Architecture in Iowa, US$21.95
Longstaff - In the Shadow of the Dragon's Back, US$12.95
Yates - White Creek, A Fable, US$15.95
Polsgrove - When We Were Young in Africa, US$15.95

We do take publishing seriously, but we also have fun designing books, sharing stories with authors, and hearing back from their readers how a particular book changed their life. Such is the power of books…

For us publishing means to make public, to share with the world what you, as author, have created over many months, moons, and sometimes, years. Unlike most publishers, we think of the relationship with you as a partnership in which both of us are equal collaborators who want to share ideas and stories widely, while benefitting equally.

If you are interested in working with us, please drop us a line.

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Authors Laverne Merritt-Gordon and Beau Grosscup, who wrote Tell Them What You Want, give a lecture about what it means to grow up black in a mostly white Ohio town.

Fern Kupfer, author of Leaving Long Island and Other Departures, reads from her book during an author event at Iowa State University.

Rachel Longstaff, author of In the Shadow of the Dragon’s Back, gives an interview about her book.

View the animated book trailer created by graphic artist Tyler Gonigam for Eric Walker Williams’ YA novel The Summer of Weird Harold.