desktopCulicidae Press publishes original works in almost any field (with the exception of astrology, spirituality, UFO and Zombie studies), although over the last few years we have emphasized biographies, publications about the designed environment, and fine arts. Please follow our detailed Submission Guidelines (links to a downloadable PDF). We also use a Style Guide (links to a downloadable PDF) that lists formatting requirements. In most cases we follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

Submissions to Culicidae Press must be sent via email to

If you plan to email us any files, please make sure to send us an email without attachments first. We tend to not open attachments from email addresses that are not in our contact database.

All submissions must include the following:

  1. A cover letter addressed to the Editor.
  2. The manuscript in Microsoft Word or any other text format. See our Culicidae Press Submission Guidelines for specific requirements.
  3. A single Microsoft Word or PDF document compiling any accompanying images in low resolution (make sure the file is small enough to be sent via email). High-resolution JPEGs/TIFFs and image permissions are not required for initial submissions, only for manuscripts that have been officially 
  4. A manuscript abstract of approximately 200 to 250 words.

The author should receive a confirmation of receipt within one week of submitting the article and other materials listed above. If such a confirmation is not received, a brief message should be sent to to verify that a submission has been received. A detailed response based on peer review of the manuscript (see below) will be sent back to the author within four to six weeks of receipt of the manuscript.

Peer Review

After receipt of a new manuscript we send the text out to at least two outside reviewers who will comment, in writing, using the following categories:

Overall Impression/Summary of Text
Suggestions for Improvement
Suitability for Publication

The editor then combines the comments from the two outside reviewers, adds his or her own observations, and returns the review in written form to the author. Usually this process takes at least four to six weeks. Please note that, in most cases, we initially reject manuscripts but we also give constructive criticism through the peer review process that helps authors improve their manuscript for a second submission.

If you prefer sending us files through the interwebs, please go to the contact page and fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.