Tavallaei – Dreams and Realities

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About the Author and the Book

Born in Shiraz, Iran, a city renowned for its literary and cultural heritage, Mohammad Tavallaei has spent over half a century immersed in Persian and English poetry. Dreams and Realities showcases his deep appreciation for classical and modern poetics, blending traditional and contemporary literary expressions. Tavallaei masterfully navigates language and cultural identity, offering a collection that is both a love letter to his hometown and a cry for reconciliation. His unique voice resonates with the aesthetic sophistication of Persian and English poetics, exploring themes of love, resistance, and identity.

As a student of English language and literature, Tavallaei views writing in English as both a learning experience and a form of resistance against imperial power. His poems reflect a complex use of the English language, challenging hierarchical structures and inviting readers to confront harsh realities while celebrating human connections. Through vivid and evocative poetry, he captures the stark realities of dictatorship, war, and societal turmoil, drawing from personal experiences to create striking imagery. Amid the depiction of suffering, his verses celebrate the joys of human connection and the beauty of the natural world. This collection is a testament to the enduring power of poetry to inspire change and evoke profound emotional responses.

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About the Author

Born in 1947, Mohammad Tavallaei is a university professor, poet, critic, and translator originally from Shiraz, Iran. After receiving his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Language and Literature from Shiraz University (then Pahlavi University), in 1998 he received his doctorate in English literature from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Tavallaei is interested in literature in general and Persian, English, and French literature in particular, and he focuses in his work on Orientalist theory and discourse and other Resistance discourses. In his doctoral dissertation he explored The Orientalist Construction of Persia. After returning to Iran, he taught literature at Urmia University and Azad University.

In addition to teaching and evaluating doctoral dissertations at international universities, he has presented numerous articles in Persian and English at national and international conferences, and has authored, translated, and published Persian and English articles and poems.

His poems have been published in numerous Australian, English, and American poetry magazines and journals such as Jouvert, a Journal of Postcolonial StudiesNew Literature ReviewPost-Colonial Elaborations, and poetrymontly.

His poetry has been discussed and analyzed in Hazel Smith’s The Writing Experiment: Strategies for Innovative Writing (Allen & Unwin). He has also read his poetry at numerous Australian and European Universities. His books include Perennial Persian Pictures/Negarehaye Azali Iran (Bilingual, Sabzan Press), The Poet of Moments/Shaer Lahzeha (A translation of Manoor Ooji’s poetry, Sabzan Press) and A Voice from Ashes (A translation of Zhaleh’s poetry, Cune Press, Forthcoming 2023).


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