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Woven upon a tapestry of environmentalism and the search for peace, Angels in the Snow tells the passionate intergenerational story of three couples separated by the Berlin Wall for twenty-eight years, and the bloody crises they face as they try to reach each other and survive.

Romance, desire, unrequited love, desperation, tragedy, joy, and ultimate triumph and reunion, set against the powerful political upheavals of the cold war and eco-terrorism. Warm, uplifting and affirming at its heart, Angels offers grace notes to the holiday season.

We are desperately searching for something that speaks to our own lives, that resonates with power and truth; that lifts us up and reminds us of the heroes we all can be; that restores our faith that there are angels among us – of us – the angels we all can be. In this time where nostalgia and urgency co-exist, we are ready for a thrilling and uplifting story of real people whose sacrifices changed the world!

Angels in the Snow, The Berlin Wall Musical Drama – A Novelization is based upon the screenplay and film of the same name, which in turn was based on the eponymous musical play. The journey has been thirty years long thus far and could never have been accomplished without the astonishing gifts and dedicated help of the late Jason Douglas Larche and Susan Elliott; nor without the inspiration of Glenn Bixby or the support of Dr. Arthur E. Puotinen, erstwhile President of Grand View University. The remaining acknowledgements, and they are legion, are included at the end of the screenplay.

This book, as well as the play and the film, was written in honor of the countless courageous clergy, artists, intellectuals, human rights activists and ordinary people of all religious and political beliefs who exercised non-violent restraint yet tenacious insistence on reform in East and West Germany. Their sacrifices brought down the Wall.

And in honor of people of good will everywhere, who are separated by personal, ideological, religious, economic, regional, and political restraints and barriers, but who seek to remove them every day. And to people who never give up and never let go – who live, strive, struggle and sacrifice against all odds to reach each other and survive. And to all who helped our Angels fly. To all of you, we offer gratitude and peace. May you be Angels all your lives.

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About the Author

Dr. Doug Larche, an internationally recognized playwright, professor, poet, singer-songwriter, director and composer, was a Senior Fulbright Scholar to Ukraine. He earned a B.A. from Graceland University, an M.Ed. from Wichita State University, a Ph.D. from Indiana University, and an MFA in Playwriting and Dramaturgy from the University of Iowa Playwrights Workshop, where he was a Norman Felton Fellow. He did post-doctoral residencies at Yale, Oxford, and Harvard. The founder of five international playwrights workshops, Doug was a lifetime Artistic and Production Director of over 200 plays and 40 film projects. His day job was as Playwright-in-Residence, Chair and International Distinguished Professor of Theatre and Communication in Ukraine, Korea, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Northwoods and across America.

Among his over fifty plays, Truth on Trial: The Ballad of Sojourner Truth won the 21st Century National Playwrights Festival of New York City; Number the Stars, based on the Newbery Award Gold Medal novel by Lois Lowry, has had almost 400 international productions, opening two Holocaust Museums; Angels in the Snow has been performed at the

Dag Hammarskjöld Theatre of the United Nations in New York and at international Perestroika and Theatre Festivals; S*M*A*S*H, an AIDS- Education musical, toured sixty cities for the National Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Health; Young Comfort (Women) was named the Best Original Script at the Pohang, Korea Festival; his renowned Ukrainian Pentalogy includes the award-winning Taras and Me, Mail Order Anya, Virtuality and two new plays set against the current Russian War, including Ukrainian Nocturne. His musical, created posthumously with his son, Jason, is called Harmony.

Doug was the author of the international best-selling children’s book, Father Gander Nursery Rhymes: The Equal Rhymes Amendment, named on seven “Best of” Lists for both the 20th and 21st centuries; which also yielded his musical plays, Ganderland and O Christmas Three! Author of the university Speech textbook From the Heartland, he also composed and recorded over 200 songs and four record albums. His poetry appeared in international literary journals, on Broadway and the Kennedy Center, at the International Special Olympics, and was etched in stone at the Louisiana Department of Education.

Erstwhile cabinet-level Director of Cultural Affairs, Speechwriter, Senior Policy Advisor for Human Rights, Environmental Affairs, Agriculture and the Arts and Liaison to Iowa’s GLBTQ, Asian-Pacific Islander, Black, Latino and First Nations populations and the Women’s Commission for Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack; Executive Director of the Iowa Arts Council and Very Special Arts Iowa; before he passed away unexpectedly on August 27, 2021, Doug lived in Iowa City, a UNESCO City of Literature, on Willowbrooke Lane with Mei li; with his daughter Elisa, and the rest of the family nearby, including grandchildren Emma, Logan, and Lucius, as well as Gwyn, Hanqi, and his extended nuclear family.

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Publisher: ‎ Culicidae Press (November 8, 2021)
Language: ‎ English
Paperback: ‎ 254 pages
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1683150299
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