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About the Book (From the Author)

I Remembered chronicles my experience—at age forty-nine—when I recalled the sexual abuse by my father as a young girl. Through my journal entries, represented here verbatim, I share my journey to heal from the aftermath of this profound awakening. My story is one of survival. It follows the course of the first year of healing—from my psychotic break and diagnosis of PTSD and paranoia, through the flashbacks and memories, my disclosure to family, working through the grief process, and finally to acceptance and forgiveness.

My story is one of survival and hope—one that will interest fellow survivors of sexual abuse, loved ones who want to help them, the recovery community, and those with a general interest in this subject.

Silence and shame are hallmarks of sexual abuse and my story lends a personal voice to what survivors experience in their struggle to heal. I read several books on the subject of healing from sexual abuse, and I could not find one like this which shares what it is like to work through this overwhelming process. My story is raw and unflinching, and my purpose in sharing it is to lend hope and help to other survivors.

About the Author

Kristene E. Friday is a former journalist and teacher. She lives with her husband and three dogs on a farm in the Midwest and enjoys reading, traveling, gardening, and knitting.

Editor’s Note

This is not a book we wanted to publish but a book we knew we had to publish. Sexual abuse is a terrible crime, no matter who perpetrates it against whom (more information at In I Remembered Kristene Friday takes a unique approach to telling her story of recalling the sexual abuse she experienced as a child by writing an unflinching first-person narrative in journal form that draws the reader into the psychological abyss of disjunct events and her fight to stay sane throughout the ordeal. This is a survivor’s story.

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  3. Book Details
    Available as a Paperback, Hardcover (with dust jacket), or Kindle: 172 pages
    Publisher: Culicidae Press; 1st edition (July 1, 2017)
    Language: English
    Paperback ISBN: 978-1-68315-009-1
    Hardcover (with dust jacket) ISBN: 978-1-68315-010-7
    Kindle ASIN: B073MZ8CH1


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