Williams – Summer of Weird Harold

Cover design by Kylin Schoeff.

About the Book

Not so far away there’s a quiet little place where the sun always shines, the water stays warm all year, and your neighbors want to kill you. Twelve-year-old Kayla Minnix loves the swamp on the far side of the lake and is devastated to learn that Art Guilafante has plans to destroy it. Two creepy neighbors and a string of near-fatal accidents have her convinced of one thing: someone’s out to scare her family into leaving Bass Lake. Can Kayla find out who it is, survive her summer, and save the swamp at the same time? Stay tuned!

About the Author

Eric Walker Williams is a Midwestern based writer who is a husband to one and father of three. Eric has been fortunate enough to experience amazing and exotic places such as western Europe, southern Africa and most of Cass County Indiana. In addition to a weekly newspaper column, his work has been featured in Faces the Magazine, The Indianapolis Star and various online publications. More information about his writing can be found here. To view his newspaper column, which one loyal fan claimed was far less depressing than reading the obituaries, visit theviewfromthebottom-eww.blogspot.com.

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Product Details

ISBNs: 978-1-941892-25-1 (for the paperback version),
978-1-941892-26-8 (for the hardback with dust jacket version),
978-1-941892-27-5  (for the hardback case wrap version), and
ASIN: B01I41TKFC (for the Kindle version)
Number of Pages (print version): 244
Publisher: Culicidae Press, LLC; 1st edition (18 July, 2016)
Language: English
Binding: Varies by version
Interior Ink: Black and White
Weight: Varies by version, about 1 lb.


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