If you’re interested in publishing with us, please look over our Author Guidelines. Since 2014 any manuscripts we receive are peer-reviewed by at least two outside readers that are specialists in the topic of the author’s field.

We typically ask outside reviewers to comment on the overall impression of the manuscript, any problems the reviewer thinks should be noted, and suggestions for improvement, and finally a recommendation whether to publish or not to publish as is or with modifications.

Upon receipt of the reviewers’ notes one of our editors will combine the comments and write a one- to two-page summary that includes all the reviewers’ anonymized comments as well as a final decision by the editor on whether to proceed with the manuscript or not. In most cases submissions by authors are returned with suggestions for further development and in the fewest cases is a manuscript ready for publishing.

After you receive a detailed and positive response from us (typically within six to eight weeks), we send you our standard contract that spells out the legal responsibilities between you and Culicidae Press. When the contract is signed, it takes about three to six months for the book to be completed. Usually our in-house designer will do the cover design and interior layout, although we have worked in the past with author/artists and author/designers who were able to develop their own layout.

Upon completion of the book design we distribute your books worldwide as both print (paperback and hardcover) and ebook versions.

We complete most of the graphic design—from a wide variety of book layouts and sizes to unique cover designs—through our in-house designer polytekton. We also provide ISBNs, and basic marketing. If you have questions please contact us or look over our FAQ page.

Below are examples of some book covers polytekton has designed for various clients. As you can see, each project is unique. We don’t use templates to determine the type of cover, layout or font. We pride ourselves on tailoring each solution to a specific client. Interested in working with us? Let us know.