Osterberg – Access for Everyone

Forthcoming Spring 2024

About the Book

The 4th Edition of Access for Everyone includes more than 200 inclusive design recommendations that make spaces safer and more usable for everyone. Inclusive design is design that strives to meet the needs of all people, regardless of physical, cognitive or cultural differences. Inclusive design goes beyond minimum standards to make it easier to everyone to park, find their way, enter buildings, open doors, move through doorways, and to use restrooms, assembly areas, and other public spaces. When well executed, inclusive design often goes unnoticed because it does not involve specialized features or adaptations to accommodate people. 

The new 4th Edition of Access for Everyone contains many improvements that were not in the 3rd edition. These include; a description of ‘inclusive design,’ 60 additional recommendations, restated recommendations (for clarification), and 35+ new or revised ‘preferred’ dimensions. The 4th Edition also includes a list of ‘Common ADA and/or inclusive design deficiencies’ in buildings and sites.

About the Author

Dr. Arvid Osterberg is a nationally recognized expert on the American’s with Disabilities Act accessible design standards (the ADA Standards). He was awarded the honorary title of University Professor at Iowa State University in 2014. He teaches and conducts research in ISU’s Department of Architecture in the subject areas of inclusive design, building and site safety, and historic preservation. As a licensed architect, he also conducts building and site assessments and serves as expert witness for attorneys regarding code compliance, safety and falls. He received the Ames Humanitarian Award for promoting inclusiveness and equality in the Ames community.


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